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Over Coffee with Everyday Charming

Tami Inoue

Laura Romero and I have always known each other, but it wasn't until we both moved to Chicago a couple years ago that we began meeting over coffee to chat.  These talks lead to sharing, dreaming, and a fun collaboration coming in 2015!  Laura's photography focus is on lifestyle, senior sessions, and family...and it's always so fun to get a peek into a different world of photography!! She's run a very successful business for many years and is always a great motivator for me! When Laura asked if I'd answer some questions for her blog, I was extremely honored, and like our talks...was very honest. ;)

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We're On The Same Team

Tami Inoue

"O-o-o....can I make it?!?"

I slid into the elevator behind a group of 6 and looked at the lit up "5" button that had been pushed.

I heard someone say behind me, "Oh good, we're all going to 5".

"Aaaaactually, I'm going to 4" I laughed and jokingly cringed as I pushed the button below theirs and added, "I'm so sorry! I'm going to make you all stop at floor 4!"

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