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Cancun, Mexico Wedding: Clint + Laura




Cancun, Mexico Wedding: Clint + Laura

Tami Inoue

Intimate.  If I were to give one word to describe this weekend, it would be intimate. 

Clint + Laura had decided that they wanted their wedding day to be filled with memories of those they love most in their lives.  So with that, they boarded the plane with 15 members of their family and flew to the beautiful Now Sapphire Resort in Cancun, Mexico.

It was a perfect marriage of thoughtful and personal...chic and elegant...attention to detail yet minimal and laid back.  Everywhere I turned was beauty, light, and romance.  The week was filled with great food, laughing, sunburns, over-sized chess games, and a lot of family time...and just a lot of love, the way every wedding should be.  

Clint + Laura...

Thank you for inviting me into your weekend of love, beauty, and giving me the gift of documenting it.  You had a beautiful weekend that I was honored to be a part of...and it's one for the books.  It's amazing to see how your story has been written with unexpected turns, "chance" meetings, falling in love, and many Chicago adventures. :)  Thanks for letting me be a part of those and maybe we should do all this again in 25 years for vow-renewal? Just a thought. ;)

My love.


*If you want to see Clint +Laura's Chicago elopement, you can look see all that loveliness here