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Central Illinois Family Session: Rocky + Sharon




Central Illinois Family Session: Rocky + Sharon

Tami Inoue

I don't know if it's because I've been living back home for a few weeks now, or if it's the coffee dates I've been having, but I've realized that there's just something about those friend who "knew me when..."  

The ones who knew me when I was obsessed with making iron-on-t-shirts...and wearing them. When I was making home videos with my friends and somehow, I'd always get stuck with the guy role. :( The ones who knew me when I was so shy in a swimsuit, I'd jump in the pool with a towel and stay in until everyone was inside and my entire body resembled a shriveled up raisin.  The friends who knew me when VBS, the fair, and hand pollinating were our summers.  The friends who you'd have slumber parties with, stay up too late, and share the most dramatic secrets.  

There's something about those friends that I simply can't replace...and Sharon is one of those friends.  She was a couple years older than me, but growing up, she was always just so sweet to me and never seemed to care.  She always kind of watched out for me in group situations, and I thought she was the sweetest and the best.

As we've grown up, I've loved watching her fall in love and get married to Rocky...who I've now claimed as one of my favorite friends too!  Each of their beautiful children are such sweet reflections of their parents and exude the same warmth that is so evident in their lives.

Sometimes, it's easy to be distracted by the outward beauty...but this family is truly one where I'm captivated by the love they pour onto me and theirs is a beauty that begins on the inside and radiates through their smiles and shines in their eyes.  


Thanks first, for your friendship.  I simply adore you.  And thanks for sharing your children's lives with was so fun to get to do this session with you.  You are light and love in my life.

- TP