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Top Ten Tips from Tami: Road-trip Edition




Top Ten Tips from Tami: Road-trip Edition

Tami Inoue

I drive a lot.  I mean, A LOT.  You should hear my car...a mechanic would say it's a muffler problem, but I think it's Dezzie cursing me under her breath.  And she's sounding like a mountain man who's had a few too many whiskeys.  I think she caught wind that a 30 hr. drive is coming up, and has decided to go on strike.  I'm annoyed with her.  She's being a brat.

But regardless of her attitude, we have had a lot of good trips and miles together...and in prepping for California, here are the

Top 10 Tips I've got for ROADTRIPS:

  1. If you have the time, stop when you see something you want to take a picture of or a sign you want to read.  I don't know that I've ever regretted stopping for a picture.
  2. Completely empty the car of all trash every time you stop for gas.  It's like taking a shower...and I love showers.
  3. Keep a container of Clorox wipes in the glove compartment.  I've just recently started doing this, but it makes me feel like I've got a new car every time I wipe it down!
  4. Get a good air freshner...and not like the ones you buy in the gas station.  I buy Yankee candle ones.  I've found that a good freshner makes me excited to get in a car and if you have someone who is sensitive to motion sickness, and good freshner can really make or break their experience.  I say the more muted and less fruity/food smell, the better.  I think the cherry ones smell like gas station detergent...which is just gross.
  5. Stick to non-carbonated drinks when driving.  This may be a personal thing, but when I'm on long car trips, a carbonated drink can make me feel super bloated.  I think it's 'cause I'm sitting and the fizz is bored in my stomach.
  6. By time you're feeling tired, you're probably too tired.  I'm always suprised by how quickly the thought, "Oh man, I'm getting tired" to "Whoa!!!" 'cause I woke myself up from a swerve comes.  I was recently stopped by a policeman because he thought I was drunk driving when I was just really tired.  Shame on me.  I will stop for a hotel quicker these days 'cause it just doesn't feel worth it.
  7. Have someone you're checking in with.  I will check in with my roommate or sisters...not sure they care, but it helps me in knowing they're aware of when I should be checking in.
  8. Have a good play list!! I've noticed that podcasts and books on tape hold my attention longer...singing with music keeps me awake easier.
  9. As for an extra glass of ice when ordering your Starbucks drink.  I do this a lot and split my drink into two cups (I get iced lattes or iced tea...don't do it with a frappacino!! ha!!).  It makes me stretch out my drinks longer and I find that I eat less out of boredom.
    1. BONUS:  Listen, I'm all about fun snacks on road trips!!!  My tip on that is pack healthy snacks...and bring a minimum of the fun...uh, I mean, unhealthy snacks. :) I find that if I have to buy them, I buy less of them, but it's also something fun to look forward to!
  10. If you're with a friend, download a list of good questions to ask and make the rule that you each HAVE to answer the questions...those have been the best trips yet!!

There you have it...Top Ten Tips from Tami. ;)...happy car-tripping!!