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Chicago North Avenue Beach Anniversary Session - James + Christy




Chicago North Avenue Beach Anniversary Session - James + Christy

Tami Inoue

As a photographer, I get to document all different stages of relationships.  I've photographed couples where it's brand new and they're a little nervous and some who have been married for 50+ years and holding hands feels like putting on a glove.  There's been couples who  feel crazy in love and other couples, it's giving them a reason to remember the romance they had.  

And then, there are couples like James + Christy...where what they have is so genuine and comfortable all on it's very own...that my job is to stay just enough out of the way to capture what is already there.  I love what they  have because it's real.  They don't hide the hard and they don't fake the good...they just are, and it's really quite profound. James + Christy celebrated their 6 year anniversary this May and I was so honored to be asked to do this shoot with them.  I always say, Christy is the friend every girl wants and James is the brother every girl needs. :)  

James + Christy,

Thanks for loving each other so well and for letting me be a part of this day.  I love you guys so much!!

- TP

To read more of their story, you can find them at Christy's Blog