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Kansas Farm Wedding - Mark + Tasha




Kansas Farm Wedding - Mark + Tasha

Tami Inoue

He was most comfortable when he was looking at her.  

This beautiful family farmhouse was full of depth and was seen all around from the homespun alpaca yarn, to the pictures on the wall, and woven into the stories that they told.  The love these families shared was evident.  

Mark tied his tie...Tasha touched up her hair...and put on her dress.  She walked down the stairs to have him see her for the first time...and immediately, I saw that she was his comfort zone...and he was hers.  

Mark + Tasha's relationship would be considered relatively new by most, but their love is one that feels like it's already been matured.  Somehow, it felt like they'd been doing life together for years because it was more than sweet and felt safe, confident, and generous to those around them.

I asked Mark to look at Tasha a lot, because I could see that's when he was most comfortable...and how could he not be, when she'd always light up, looking right back at him.  Theirs is a new love...but it's already deep and I knew I wasn't just documenting their wedding but I was getting a front seat to a very special love.  

Mark and Tasha...

Thank you for letting me share in your weekend.  You took me in, not only as your photographer, but as a friend and I loved it.  I can't wait to see where your lives go and I'm excited for the next visit out to Kansas!! :)