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Chicago Montrose Beach Just 'Cause Session - Gary + Lauren




Chicago Montrose Beach Just 'Cause Session - Gary + Lauren

Tami Inoue

If you've read my blog at all, you're probably familiar with my friend, Lauren (Wakefield) Truelock...she's one of my dearest friends who also happens to be a great photographer.  

She just recently launched a beautiful new website ( and so we headed to Montrose Beach in Chicago for some new headshots!! We had three words in mind: light, airy, and fun...

But we were celebrating something else too...

We were celebrating her crazy wind-blown hair.  

You see, a couple years ago, Lauren battled breast cancer and the chemo took all her hair.  Ever since then, she's been growing her hair and it's become such a sign of what was overcome and as Lauren says, "There's no such thing as bad hair days anymore".  

It was a crazy windy evening...and we were fighting it for a while...and then we decided just to let the hair fly because we remembered a time when it wouldn't have been a problem!!  

Lauren, you've always been beautiful...with or without the hair, because you have a light that shines through and a beauty that radiates from inside.  But, looking at these, I'm also so excited for the story you live and that you get to now fight the battle of crazy hair on a windy day! ;)

A shoot just wouldn't have been complete without Gary, her husband and Goose, their pug.  I love this little family of theirs and couldn't be more thankful for their friendships in my life...they've become part of my Chicago family, and I'll cherish them always...yes, especially you, Mr. Goose.