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On Air: Episode 1 - Rebekah, Heidi, and Tami "Sisters"




On Air: Episode 1 - Rebekah, Heidi, and Tami "Sisters"

Tami Inoue

Oh boy.  

We recorded a podcast in Florida a couple weeks back...but because of a lot of technical difficulties, we had to try it again.  

So, we recorded again last night...  

And folks, there are still technical issues, little baby noises, and a LOT of LOUD laughter...but here's our first podcast!  

My sisters and I asked each other random and ridiculous questions...and we're inviting you to join in...listen at your own risk. :)

Thanks for joining in and there will be more podcasts to come and subscription available through iTunes soon!!

Okay...deep's Episode 1 of On Air with Tami + Friends...

The podcast is now available for subscription and download on iTunes at