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Clint + Laura: Chicago Courthouse Elopement




Clint + Laura: Chicago Courthouse Elopement

Tami Inoue

I don't know if I'll ever forget sitting in the table for two in the restaurant window at Jane's with Laura.  She had moved to Chicago not long after I did, and we had the bond of not only being photographers but both being raised only 30 min. apart in central Illinois.  I had known who Laura was and we had met once, about 2-3 years prior to 'talk business'.  As we sat at Jane's, a lot of time and life had past. The thing that stood out to me that day was talking about relationships with her.  We'd both been through different situations and I remember Laura asking, "Is there a time when you think you should just say, 'Maybe I'm being too picky? Maybe this is great and I just need to believe it.'"  And even though I didn't say it that day, I felt like she was asking if there's a time to settle...and a part of me wanted to say, "Noooooo!" but I just kept saying, "I don't know Laura...I don't think so...but I don't know." 

Fast forward a couple months...

We were sitting in a coffee shop.  I hadn't talked to her since that evening in Jane's.  But this time, it was different.  I could see something in her eyes...or maybe it was that she couldn't stop grinning. 

She'd met someone; his name was Clint.

I listened to her tell the story of the weekend that they a random dinner turned into a weekend and practically every day since spent together.  This time, she wasn't talking about settling.  There weren't question marks at the end of her sentences.  There were periods.  She talked about how the immediate connection, comfort with each other, and trust was unlike anything she'd experienced.  I said, "Laura...wait, is this really serious?" and she said, "Tami, I could marry this guy." 


It may be that I've watched The Wedding Planner one too many times...but I've always loved the idea of a courthouse elopement.  So when Laura told me that she and Clint were planning one and asked if I'd be willing to shoot it, I agreed immediately... 


Laura and Clint both have a really great sense of fashion and attention to even though I knew this would be small and private, it was also classy and so pretty!

Both sets of parents drove up to Chicago to witness the elopement of their children and there was something very special about having them there. It felt right and like it should be. :)

...afterwards, we took some time to capture a few images of the newlyweds around the courthouse...

Clint + Laura...

I think you answered your own question: You didn't have to settle.  I know you know that marriage and learning to love well is far from easy...but I know you're going to fight for it and celebrate it in all the years to come.  Your elopement was beautiful and I won't soon forget it. :)