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Drew + Hannah - Bloomington-Normal, IL Wedding




Drew + Hannah - Bloomington-Normal, IL Wedding

Tami Inoue

"Okay Drew, I want you to look at Hannah...but don't smile." I said as I looked through my viewfinder at this beaming groom.  He tried to tuck away the grin that was spread all over his face but was failing miserably.  He laughed and said, "How am I supposed to not smile when I'm looking at her?!" I laughed and smiled to myself as I said, "You're should always feel free to smile when looking at her."  I never like cheese because it feels insincere to me...but there was nothing about that moment that felt cheesy or insincere.  He literally couldn't NOT smile when looking at his bride.

It was pouring freezing rain and we were walking in the damp cold winter air...and it didn't seem to phase them.  They were in love and I couldn't stop clicking because I knew I was capturing something so sweet and special.  The affection I sensed between them felt so intimate that I almost felt like I should be shooting with a zoom lens; just so I could step back and simply document.  I'd never really felt like that before as a photographer.  It was special and to be invited into their moments on this day was nothing short of an honor.  

I was always saying about Hannah and her sisters, "Those girls are one of the best kept secrets of Bloomington! 'Cause if guys had any clue about them, the 5 of them would only be single because they wanted to be." ;)  So...when I heard that Hannah was engaged, I think my first question was, "What's he like?" and "Does he deserve her?" Turns out, he does. ;)  

It may sound weird to say, but being around couples like Drew and Hanah are inspiring to me.  It's a love and commitment like theirs that makes me feel so honored to get to do what I do; capturing the love and emotions that were being felt so they can look back and remember when they're old and grey.  And I'm confident that they'll still be looking at each other the way they were this day and that Drew still won't be able to hold in his smile when looking at Hannah.


Drew + Hannah,

I adore you.  Thank you for asking me to be a part of your day.  It was an honor on so many levels and it goes down in the books as one of the best.  

My love.