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Wintery Nails




Wintery Nails

Tami Inoue

When Julep first asked if I'd be interested in sharing my tips on how I 'winterize' my nails, I thought, "I'm not sure that I do!"  But the truth is, I do...I just never thought about it that way! As a wedding photographer in Chicago, I'm shooting out in the frigid cold a LOT and I'm quite aware of the harsh conditions winter can have on skin and nails!! Because of that, I've found that it's important to take extra care during these freeeeezing months!!! 

So here are 3 tips I take in the winter in order to protect and "winterize" my nails... 

1. Moisturize

I invest in a good handcream that helps my nails and hands from cracking in the cold!! I've found that it's best to avoid the perfumy creams as those tend to dry out hands quicker than a good quality lotion.

2. Vitamins + Water

It's easy to get couped up inside during the winter months. I don't know about you, but it's easy to drink a lot of coffee as I curl up inside to stay warm. As much as I love both, the combination can leave me dehydrated and in desperate need of vitamin B! This can take a toll on my nails so I try to be extra careful to drink water and take my vitamins for this reason as I stay cozied-up indoors!

3. Gloves

Gloves! Gloves! Gloves! I can't stress the importance of investing in a good pair of gloves to keep your hands and nails protected from the harsh temperatures! I've found it to do wonders for keeping my hands soft and my nails strong! 

Here are some additional great tips from Julep on taking care of your nails during the cold!!  

If you go to, you can see more of their fun colors they have for the winter! I'm always a little partial to the light pinks like Shari...but for winter, I love a good dark color like the Ilsa! 

That was fun girly talk for the weekend!! :) Stay warm and "winterized"!! ;)