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Chris + Jenna




Chris + Jenna

Tami Inoue

There's something about couples from Central Illinois that always hold a special place with me.  I love having the excuse to go home and shoot in places that feel familiar and hang out with couples that know my friend's cousin's roommate...or something like that. :)

So needless to say, Chris Jenna are one of those couples for me...
These two have such a sweet tone to their relationship as they laughed easily, were most relaxed when they were close, and he opened her car doors.

Chris + Jenna...
You are both so sweet and fun to shoot!! I'm excited and honored to be included on your day and know your wedding is going to be so special.  I loved getting to laugh and talk with the two of you, and hear your story.  I'm so confident in your future and am excited to see where life takes you.

I'll see you in just a few weeks!