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On Air: Episode 2 - Lauren Truelock




On Air: Episode 2 - Lauren Truelock

Tami Inoue

There are those friends in your life who are super fun to hang out have great make good memories together.

And then there are those friends who change who you are...they challenge how you think...what you think about...and they refuse to let you just be.  It bothers them when you're not doing bothers you when you know they're hurting.  Their successes feel like your own because you wish every great thing in their life.  To find a friend like this is one of the best things in life...Lauren is one of those people.

She inspires me as a wife to Gary, as a friend to me, as an entrepreneur, a survivor, a fighter, someone who works hard and doesn't make excuses.  She will fight to the ends of the earth for the ones she loves.  I've always said that I know I won't fall in life without Lauren noticing...and that is everything to me.

Lauren is a wonderful photographer and business woman.  But what I love is that she would describe herself as a wife, an aunt, a friend, a sister, a daughter first...because she loves intentionally and people are her passion.   I'm honored to do life with her and call her my soul sister and friend.  It only seemed right that you got to meet her as well.  So I present to you, my friend Lauren.

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This was from a promo shoot we did for Lauren and Sydne's new company, Healing Heels!!!