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Greg + Kelley {Engagement}




Greg + Kelley {Engagement}

Tami Inoue

It was the first snow in Chicago...and we took advantage of it! 

I loved walking around Lincoln Park with Greg and Kelley, laughing, feeling the snow, and breathing in the cold air!

Greg and Kelley are the kind of people that make me feel like I've known them much longer than I have.  I'm so excited for their wedding next year and getting to watch their relationship take the next step!! 

You two were such good sports, sitting on cold rocks, walking in the snow, and Kelley, even getting your heel stuck in a crack! :)  Thanks for being such a fun couple to work with, and for letting me hang out with you for the afternoon!!

Kelley, you kill me.  Seriously, you're a babe. 

I love Chicagoans who love our city like me, and are always excited to show it off a little! :)

I love these of you...and Greg, you are photogenic.  You're no longer allowed to say that you're not!

Excited for next year!!!