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What I Know {Birthday Edition}




What I Know {Birthday Edition}

Tami Inoue

"What do you know?"...a question I've heard Oprah ask many of her guests.  You know, I think I know a lot until I try to think what I know and then I realize I don't know as much or even less than I thought I knew...or something like that. ;) My point is, I don't know much.  However, this past year was packed full with lessons, experiences, and a lot of "now I know"'s.  It's a question I've been asking people for a couple years now, and have been storing up answers.  It seemed only fitting that since today is my birthday, and I'm celebrating a year of MANY lessons learned, I'd share 33 things that I either learned or re-learned this past year:

  1. I know that deal-breakers are so often a gift.
  2. I know that generally, I don't know half the story.
  3. I know I'm not a good dancer, but...
  4. I know I love to dance.
  5. I know that when it comes to boys, I'll watch what you say and I'll really hear what you do.
  6. I know that I will never think there's anyone good enough for my nieces and nephews. :)
  7. I know that I'll always wish I was part Irish.
  8. I know that sometimes it's a good thing to cut someone out of my life...or at least drastically decrease their influence in it.  
  9. I know that no one will ever be as smart to me as my dad.
  10. I know that roller-coasters are so much more fun if I scream like someone's chasing's hard to find people to claim me at Great America. ;)
  11. I know that I love...LOVE...going to football games.  I also know the same thing could be said about me at the games as is said about me at Great America.
  12. I know that class almost always trumps a fabulous comeback (there are, however, a few exceptions!).
  13. I know that if I'm embarrassed of my iTunes playlists with someone, that friendship probably isn't going to last. 
  14. I know that the best way to enjoy a vacation is by working really hard before it.
  15. I know that I want to love like my nieces and nephews love me...unconditional with a short-term memory for the bad and a long-term memory for the good.
  16. I know that time and distance makes it difficult to invest in friendships...and to really make it quality when the quantity of time isn't available. 
  17. I know that if The Voice competition were to be held in my car, I'd be a real contender.
  18. I know that if I have the option, I'd rather drive 5 hrs to see someone face to face than to talk on the phone.
  19. I know my mom was right when she said, "If you just love people, you'll never lack for friendships."
  20. I know that we all just want to be heard and be seen.
  21. I know if Jimmy Fallon and I met, we'd be BFFs. 
  22. I know that I wouldn't have survived if I didn't have the sisters I have.
  23. I know that skinny jeans weren't made for my body. I give them a decent shot from time to time...but let's be real...
  24. I know that I shouldn't drink as much coffee as I do.
  25. I know that I'm never going to get why Brad Pitt chose Angelina Jolie over Jennifer Aniston...or why Bradley Cooper chose Renee Zellweger over Jennifer Aniston.  I must not know Jen like I thought I did. :) 
  26. I know that if God gave me what I thought I wanted, I would have lost what I already had and loved.
  27. I know the people I look at as the most successful are those who are living for something and someone beyond themselves.
  28. I know that 99 times out of 100, I'm not going to have an opinion on which restaurant to eat at.
  29. I know that until the Doughnut Vault makes gluten free doughnuts, I'll never be fully gluten free. 
  30. I know that at the end of it all, it's always God who's still there for me.  
  31. I know that deep inside me, there's an 80 year old woman who loves music box music, Charles Dicken's Christmas village collectables (with fake snow of course!), the smell of cinnamon candles, and quilts...and once in a while, I let her out to play.
  32. I know that most of the time, I just don't know.
  33. I know that if you were to ask me how I am on my birthday, I'd say, "Peace-filled, energized, and extremely grateful...and young." ;)