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Hero of the Month: Leslie




Hero of the Month: Leslie

Tami Inoue

It's Back!! The Hero of the Month feature!! It just felt appropriate as I had a hero show up for me when I really needed her.

Last weekend, I was driving to see my friend Leslie, when my car broke down about an hour from her house. I found myself sitting in a soggy, dark ditch, on the phone with my insurance company for 2 hours with no success.

I texted Leslie and before I could respond, she was on her way and drove me both to and from the tow shop twice. That's how Leslie is...she's shown up for me on many occassions.

I was so glad it was her that showed up as I knew I was in good company and it'd all feel managible and adventurous with her with me. Thanks Leisle Diesle...Hail the conquering hero! :)