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I Succeed A Little Because I Fail A Lot

Tami Inoue

...what did I just say??

I repeated it, "This was the year that so many of the 'no's in my life made sense".  

The profound gift of that sentence was not lost on me.  I looked at my friend and he smiled and reached out and squeezed my arm.  I swallowed the lump in my throat and looked down, hoping he wouldn't notice the tears...although happy tears...filling my eyes.  He did...and he said, "You're one of the lucky ones."

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Newport Beach: Birthday Brunch at Twenty Eight Restaurant

Tami Inoue

It was all things black + white, Chanel, good food, sweet friends, fun music, and celebrating the beautiful birthday girl with her husband and friends! This is the second event I've gotten to shoot at Twenty Eight in Newport Beach, CA.  The lighting, atmosphere, food, staff...everything is always perfection. 

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